100 Bachelor Ridge Residences Real Estate

All residences for sale at the former TBG are resales. Residence owners can enjoy 3 weeks a year in fully furnished condos at this prime slopeside location. Owners and members have two options when selecting ownership occupancy dates at the residences at 100 Bachelor Ridge. Winter ownership provides 2 winter weeks and 1 summer week, while summer ownership provides owners with 1 winter week and 2 summer weeks. In addition to the 3 weeks, owners and members can buy additional nights based upon availability and receive free lift tickets while staying in residence.

The list of residences for sale at the former TBG can be found below. Learn more about the benefits and privileges of ownership at 100 Bachelor Ridge here, and explore the visual appeal of this stunning location by accessing  the photo gallery at 100 Bachelor Ridge here.

The interest schedules for former TBG can be found here.